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Posted by: mona
12-20-2022, 02:05 PM
Forum: making a game
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Posted by: mona
09-21-2022, 07:20 AM
Forum: Off-Topic
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Hello mango boys.

I've changed the default theme a while ago to be mango themed as the default because I bought and it redirects here.

Now I will update the main theme to be purple and a black normally this will take me a minute.

Under some other news you may notice a new and custom text editor I got it working and has auto save and other features.

Now if you want to make an account you will need to email me an account will be created and sent to you.

The global chat for mewforum was removed because I did not control it and saw it as a point of failure we have an xmpp server to use email me for an account.

Also video sharing works if video is uploaded to a direct play video site and clicking the button with no icon in the text editor.

Thanks for reading enjoy the forum and tell me how I can do better.

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Posted by: mona
09-20-2022, 01:08 PM
Forum: IT General
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Recently I've seen an uptick of errors on some machines needing BIOS updates when before they will update to a newer Windows version. 

I've found a neat trick if you can get remote access to client machine machines and Powershell by using this module.

You can install all pending updates without the user even knowning.

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Posted by: mona
09-16-2022, 01:15 PM
Forum: General
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I'm stealing this information from a Reddit post to make sure it's archived for my own use.

  1. Find the IMEI of a compatible phone. Go to your nearest store and buy the cheapest AT&T prepaid device they have. Probably a flip phone. Write down its IMEI number, then put it somewhere where no one else will activate it by mistake (apparently authorities get cranky about two phones showing the same IMEI number for some reason.)
  2. In the dialer of your Titan Pocket, type *#*#08#*#*
  3. Leave IMEI Type as 15 numbers
  4. Make a note of the number in the SIM1 blank, in case you ever need it back for some reason. Then erase it, and type in the IMEI number of the AT&T cheapo you just bought.
  5. Tap "SAVE" next to it.
  6. Tap "RESTART" at the bottom of this screen.
  7. (Not sure if this step is necessary or not, its just what I did) Turn phone off once it's restarted.
  8. Put your SIM card back in your Titan Pocket.
  9. Turn your phone on.
  10. Magically, the Titan Pocket is somehow compatible with their network again!

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Posted by: Dice
09-16-2022, 07:38 AM
Forum: Off-Topic
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The kiwifarms is attacking poast and graf over pedophile allegations because of loli on the nstance, which barely exists. Fuck them and they deserve what they get from the trannies by bitting the hand that fed them these past couple of weeks. If Jersh doesn't tard rangle he is the maker of his own fate.

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Posted by: mona
09-10-2022, 05:16 AM
Forum: General
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To start off with the best place to get a working Windows ISO, Windows source compiler

Of course you’ll need something to flash it USB flash tool

If you want to install Office normally you'll need a Microsoft account and need that account to have a license before you download, if you go here Office you can do an offline deploy. 

Once you're done installing Windows and Office if you'd like head over here activate this has all the activation scripts needed we don't go to Microsoft to get Windows or Office fuck em. 

Enjoy Windows.

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Posted by: mona
09-09-2022, 04:02 AM
Forum: General
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Alright fuck bags sit the fuck down, we gonna boot up some jap software and get connected to the fedi. 

Let's start out with the basic can you run it, simply ask yourself "have I had sex with a female?"

If no you'll be running Linux and this will be a bit easier you'll need 4GB of ram, if yes you'll be running Windows that it will be super easy but you'll need 8GB of ram. 

First of all we gotta get the files to run to run this shit, this is the homies Github he's setup a lot of custom shit for this setup, and helped configure a lot of this setup 

Now, I'm gonna assume you are smart enough to install 2 modules on Linux 1 Application on Windows 1 Application on Mac

On Windows just install Docker Desktop, and WSL2 WSL1 will not work only WSL2, if you can't use this version update Windows/move to Linux.

Linux depends on your distro, I'm not holding your hand but here is a guide for Ubuntu. Also Docker-Compose.

On Mac Docker Desktop, you are gonna be copying Windows not Linux with this, also I have not tested Mac OS I've only tested Windows and Linux if something doesn't work please let me know so we can update the guide.  

Once all that good shit is installed and you've gotten your Misskey files here's where it gets fun.

Again I assumed you were smart enough to buy a domain, you can add your site to CloudFlare and enable force HTTPS redirect, now let's get it running. 

Before you run the software you gotta change 1 thing in the environment section of docker-compose.yml the first endpoint in the list change to your domain.

Now on Linux open your terminal, Windows Powershell, Mac again you have a terminal, CD into the directory where your files are stored. 

Then since this is the first build we want to do a full big boy build run "doocker-compose build --no-cache" this shit gonna take a minute. 

Once it finishes  run "docker-compose up -d" 

Now confirm if your router is open on 80 and 443 tied to your home server ignore if VPS, and CloudFlare is working on the site once it starts running to check if it's running run the command in the same directory "docker-compose logs -f: if it's flying like Dale Earnhardt you done good go to your domain and setup your admin account.

Fuck off now good luck, don't name me when the feds come.

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Posted by: mona
09-09-2022, 12:37 AM
Forum: Off-Topic
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Going to edit this post to tell all users how to upload videos. 

Mewforum cannot host videos, not that it is unable it is unable to host AND play. 

So I give you two options upload your video as an attachment and watch no one click it, or upload your video to a public site, nextcloud,,, all of these offer public facing direct video links, in this thread it is all frennet drive links vs catbox only one is catbox.

There is a button with no icon in the text editor click that it'll be some text and in the middle it'll look like ][ right in the middle of ][ put your link and the video plays.

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Posted by: Dice
09-08-2022, 07:53 PM
Forum: Happenings
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I piss on her, she killed any whiteness and culture the UK had, which wasn't a lot but better than niggers and pajeets

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Posted by: Powerpuffsama
09-08-2022, 06:31 PM
Forum: General
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>Official Sites

>Frag With /tf2g/
When: Friday & Saturday Afternoon. Check for posts in the thread or be the one to announce.
tf2g's Official Server: (EU)
Ready Up:
>Other 4chan Servers
/bant/ Fortress: (NA)

Preview Loadouts & Skins: | |
HUDs: |
Scripting: |
Trading: | | | |
Creators Leaks:
tf2g's Guide to Heavy:

News & Events:
Lobbies & Mixes: |

Mona is a fat nigger that doesn't know to code a site to handle a simple copy + paste from 4chan

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